Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Has been ages huh?

It seems like I haven't been blogging quite some time huh? I think I'm gonna quit and delete my blog next year. I have lost interest in blogging. Always cracking my head thinking what to blog. Anyways, trials is just in less than a month time. Yes, I'm in deep shit. Hopefully what goes in my mind now, will stuck in my head till SPM is over. I have spent most of my time with them last month. Time flies huh? I miss those time I'm having so much fun in genting, shopping moments with sister and yumcha session with brother. SPM just simply ruinned my year.

the only exception ;

It takes a second to say HI and forever to say BYE. and it's pain to say Good bye.

Okay, i'm not gonna make this into formal good-bye-post thingy. Just wanna say, All of your friends in Malaysia will not forget about the memories that we've spent for the few days when you were at M'sia. Have a safe trip back to canada tonight! & we will definitely wait for you to come back again. (:
I think this is the first picture we take together right? lol. We will definitely take more pictures together when you're back to M'sia again, alright?


Monday, July 25, 2011


"I'm always cracking my head thinking what to write as for my post title. Uhh. So i shall just put a dash? :D
So, i shall start with KL trip. It was suppose to be a McD run thing but I registered late, so its full by the time I wanted to register. So I ended up walking around at KL with my boyfie and had lunch with the friends in the picture above. (: Nicely spent on that day though.
23th of July, Gareth's biggy day! <3

Went down to KL with this 2 fellas in the picture since 9 plus until 12 plus. & went OU right after that. I really have to bow down to my sis. She can really spend ALOOOT. so this was our group shot. We actually got a better one but deleted. I'm starting to miss that day already. Gareth, if only you can stay in malaysia wei D:

I'm gonna end this post here. Will be updating if i'm going out soon.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dream big. BIG.

@ Curve since 3
brought 150 there, within 30 mins, spent 50 on sis's late b'day present. (N) She bought for me a top too but is not costly compared with her top. Screw that. & there she is. (: Ate at Sakae. Spend 50 plus there. & we missed the K-pop hitz talent show!

went home about 5 and showered and off to dinner at dad's friend's place.
outfit for that night.

ate for an hour plus and we went One Utama after that. Yeah, we ate and we left. LMAO. Dad bought me a pair of running shoes :p

That's how I spend my Saturday. Today i'm stuck at home. Study, house chores, tv, lappy, sleep, eat and exercise. :S

don't rain please,

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Feel like having another cup of tutti frutti now!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Result doesn't matters most. But the process does.

@Kelana jaya with cindy and jacqueline
3 of us are purple house. Well, i'm not a purple house member but I bought that shirt just for my 1 day trip at tanjung sepak tho.

My main reason for going sports day is to support BSMM and also to support the runners (jo and li yeen). Jessica was cheering crazily for purple house. It was a fcuking hot day, no doubt. It ends at 1 45 PM. Were there since 8 AM. Although BSMM did not win but i was so proud of them. They were fantastic! Over all, things goes very well. I got sun burnt after today and i got nag from mom cause of it. :p

cming up next, updating about tanjung sepak trip!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

1 word, Trust.

cousins, sis and I (:
Went Genting last weekend. Dad wanted to go accompany his friend so, that explain why I'm there last weekend. First ride was solero shots. It was AWESOME. I keep blaming my cousin for bringing me to the ride & I actually wanted to chicken out when it was our turn. But no, i did not chicken out :pIt was scaaaary when coming down. No joke! But sis and I actually asked to play for another time. HEEH. But we did not. End up having dinner at Hainan's. & continued played outdoor activities until 10. Had McD for supper after that and went for movie. Watched super 8! I put my jacket over my head most of the time because I was feeling upside down. But it was not bad, seriously. This time going genting was a total new experince. Never played solero shots before until now. :D
I love him, as a cousin. He had accompanied me most of the time at genting. I dare myself to take solero shots is all because of him. If not, I would not take it tho. So yeah.

time to go chinese class,